Benefits Employees Can Rely On.

LegalShield takes the stress and strain of legal and identity theft issues off employees’ shoulders and puts their focus back at work, where it belongs. With more and more legal and identity theft situations arising every day, it can be difficult for employees to handle the amount of paperwork, phone calls and money required to resolve an issue without cutting into work time.

From the trivial to the traumatic and everything in between, our legal and identity theft protection plans are designed to meet the most common issues encountered by employees and their families. Plus, at one low monthly fee, it’s completely affordable.

Our Legal Plan Offers Employees: Our Identity Theft Protection Plan Offers Employees:
Family Coverage Family coverage
Unlimited personal legal advice Unlimited consultation on identity theft matters
Legal document review up to 15 pages Identity theft monitoring
Letters and phone calls made on their behalf Comprehensive Restoration by Kroll
A dedicated customer support team

Peace of mind. For employees. And for you.

Using LegalShield for legal and identity theft situations is easy. Members dial the appropriate toll free numbers and are connected to a designated provider law firm or Kroll licensed investigator. Whether the issue is trivial or traumatic, we make it easy for employees.

Your employees will receive assistance with topics such as:

Areas of Legal Assistance:
Family Matters Financial
Uncontested Adoption Representation IRS Audit
Child Custody Personal Legal Contract and Document Review
Uncontested Divorce Representation Lease Contracts
Uncontested Name Change Assistance Auto
Home Moving Traffic Violations
Residential Loan Document Assistance Accidents
Foreclosure Damage Recovery
Estate Planning
Living Will
Will Preparation
Healthcare Power of Attorney
Revocable Trusts
Irrevocable Trusts

Areas of Identity Theft Protection Assistance:
Single Bureau Credit Report
Single Bureau Monitoring and Activity Alert
Credit Score Analysis
Unlimited consultation on identity theft matters
Comprehensive Restoration by Kroll

Easy for you.

A flexible employee benefit program should not only include the best services for its participants, but also easy maintenance procedures for its administrators. All of our legal and identity theft protection plans are created with consideration of the demands faced by employers, including:

  • Simple implementation
  • Web, electronic or paper enrollment
  • Easy payroll deductions
  • Designated service representatives

Our law firms employ over 1,100 dedicated attorneys with an average of 19 years of experience, as well as partner law firms with 5,000 additional attorneys, all ready to help our members.

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