HRconnection® is J.S. Clark Agency’s virtual employee benefits expert, providing access to an easy-to-use Web site that delivers customized company and benefits information to employees in one secure place.

HRconnection boosts productivity and costs savings by streamlining efficiencies, and helps employees help themselves to expertise and HR information online, anytime. Now that’s resourceful.

You need to educate and empower employees. Problem solved.


Choose the portal features that make sense to your firm such as online benefits elections and vacation tracking, plus scheduling pre-built “set it and forget it” or custom employee communication campaigns, all in one secure location.


HRconnection® provides employees access to company information including job postings, policies, forms and announcements, along with managing time-off requests, benefits elections, and other HR-related tasks.


Ability to offer employees self-serve access to often-requested materials plus easy portal administration streamlines everyday tasks for all, while freeing up HR personnel to devote more time to strategic issues.

Put HRconnection® to work for you!

Improved Communication

HRconnection is a complete online employee communication tool that allows you to manage all of your important company information in one secure and convenient location. Your employees can access it any time, from any computer with Internet access.

Just imagine no longer having to distribute reams of paper describing your benefits plans, policies or procedures to employees. And, no printing and distributing confusing handbook inserts every time you make a change.

Instead, you can simply direct your employees to HRconnection, where they’ll find:

  • Your company’s history and mission statement
  • Online vacation/time-off requests
  • Your employee directory and company handbook
  • Provider directories and Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Holiday and event listings
  • Human resources forms and contact information
  • Detailed employee benefits information
  • Career growth, job postings and training information
  • Online benefit selections
  • Company bulletin board
  • And much more!

HRconnection Keeps Your Employees Informed

Employees will be happy to avoid paging through bulky binders or folders to find one simple answer. HRconnection makes benefits information, company policies, holiday lists, expense forms and much more available right at their fingertips.

HRconnection Improves Efficiency of Human Resources

Answering your employees’ questions about the issues most important to them is vital to keeping them happy, but it can also hinder efficiency for you or your HR personnel. That is, unless the answers are on HRconnection.

With answers to most day-to-day employee questions, HRconnection gives time back to HR professionals, and lets them focus on more strategic issues. And what’s more, HRconnection will help HR portray a high-quality image to current and prospective employees, greatly enhancing your recruitment and retention efforts.

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